Why is Business Mobile always based on 24 Month contracts and the only way you get better
commercials is to sign up for longer terms? – Why do new mobile connections added during your contract always extend the workable duration of
the contract? – Why do Business Mobile always seem a complex world of rebates, credits, hardware funds, data

allowances and bundles? How could this be simplified with a refreshing new approach to Business Mobile?
What if Business Mobile were sold on a 30-day rolling contract? adding, ceasing and amending mobile
services would then instantly be simplified. If we removed all the smoke and mirrors associated with mobile and offered/demonstrate that a rolling

30 days contract would be financially better than a 24-month solution……Then surely it would be worth
a quick discussion? Hold on – This sounds too good to be true?

Not at all, at Maincoms we look at Business Telecom’s differently, how we can simplify and maximise the

products we offer and support them with our amazing support team. Why not do one thing today which will surprise you – Regardless where you are in your contract, give us a call or request a call back, if only to see if we are true to our word and if you could
indeed benefit from a deal like no other.



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